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It's one of the advantages of buying an air conditioner from a company as diverse as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  They have divisions as diverse as jet engine manufacture all the way up to advanced aeronatics.  This divesity and expertise highlights a company able to apply technologies from one division to products from another.  That's why they have been able to create and developed the incredible product that is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air. 

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Features


Aircraft technology was used in the design of the

air conditioner’s airflow system

jet air flow

They used the same aerodynamic analysis technology as used in developing jet engines.


17 metre air reach

A huge air reach of up to 17 metres * is now possible with certain Mitsubishi models. This ensures conditioned air reaches every corner of the room. Yet there are no comprimises in quiet running despite the amazing power, the unit still runs at 45db(a)

* SRK71ZEA on high power fan mode

powerful air flow

super quiet

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries new inverter driven systems have a number of advantages over constant speed systems.

Their variable compressor outputs ensure quick heating or cooling after start up, and attain the set temperature faster.

This means the air conditioner can slow down its compressor speed to save energy without impairing its performance. Plus the compressor is DC driven, so it provides higher performance than AC driven system.

Mitsubishi Heavy's SRK63 and 71ZEA-S are market leaders in efficiency as a result.

The jet air flow system combines with the serration stabiliser to ensure smooth almost inaudible flow.

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save energy

The rotational speed of a compressor is changing in step in

relation to varying load, to interlock with the indoor and

out door unit fans controlled to changes in frequency, thus controlling the power.

Allowing quick heating/cooling opertation during start-up


Constant room temperature by fine-tuned control after the

unit has stabilized.

DC Pam Diagram

Inverter air conditioners


anti-bacterial fan

An anti-bacterial treatment has been applied to the indoor fan. Odours that result from the build up of mould on the indoor fan are eliminated, ensuring air remains fresh and healthy.

Anti Microbial Diagram



negative ions

Negative ions give the air its invigorating freshness and reduce the number of airborne bacteria. Naturally the more negative ions, the better for your health.

This is why it is so attractive that the tourmaline coated sheet on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries indoor air conditioners generates negative ions around the clock.

Even when the unit is turned off it generates as many negative ions (2500-3000/cc) as a forest stream or waterfall.

Blue fin protection

We all know polution, salt and water can damage your air conditioner and its component parts.

That's why Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

outdoor unit condensor coil * is treated to resist corrosion and improve longevity.

The special coating is bonded to the aluminium fins to deliver the utlimate in protection

* SRK25/35zg and SRK25/35/50zgx-s


Big but lean

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has combined the latest DC PAM

inverter technology with R410A refrigerant to create large

capacity heating and cooling systems that deliver energy

efficient big space comfort

The SRK63ZEA-S and SRK71ZEA-S are market leaders in energy efficiency. They combine all of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

patent heating and cooling technologies, while delivering

greater capacity than competitive models.

Comfort to all corners

The mitsubishi units have a flexible louver system which allows air flow in any direction

louver operations


5 year warranty

A 5 year warranty is another great reason to choose Mitsubishi heavy to heat and cool your home.

Please check the warranty documentation that comes with your air conditioner to familiarise yourself with the conditions and exclusions. This will ensure you dont in any way void your warranty.

Self cleaning operation

The self clean mode can be initiated via the infra-red remote control. Once started the operation lasts 2 hours (once cooling mode is switched off).

24 Hour ION Diagram

The indoor fan spins gently to dry the units internal components, preventing mould and bacteria growingand eliminates bad odours.

Allergen clear filter

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Allergen clear filter system combines filtration, temperature and humidity to deactivate allergens.

The Allergen clear filter with its amazing oxygen-urea compound, breaks down a wide range of allergens, bacteria and mould.

Allergem Filter

Common trouble makers such as pollen, pet hair and skin flakes are eliminated, leaving air fresh, clean and safe.

Photo-catalytic deodorising filter

This filter plays a very important part in the delivery of Mitsubishi Heavys air. It keeps the air fresh by deodorising molecules that cause odours.

Washable Filter

The deodorising power can be restored simply by washing the filter and drying it in the sun. It can be used repeatedly.

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