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Coefficient of Performance (COP)

The higher an air conditioners COP the more efficient it is.

Coefficient of Performance is the efficiency ratio of the amount of heating or cooling provided by a heating or cooling unit to the energy consumed by the system. The higher the Coefficient of Performance the more efficient the system. Electrical heating for example has a Coefficient of Performance of 1.0.

What does that mean?

So, if a heating element is giving 2.5kw of heating it is also using 2.5kw of power.

If an air conditioner has a rating of 2.5kw, giving you 2.5kw of cooling, it is only using 0.52kw to achieve that.

2.5 divided by 0.525 = 4.76 (COP) That makes it almost 5 times more efficient than electrical heating.


The diagram below shows you where to find the COP

Almost all brochures have a spec sheet printed inside.

Typical air conditioning specification sheet

air conditioner spec sheet



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